Lars Ickenroth graduated from the Master Art: Policy, Management and Education at Maastricht University in 2010. He worked as a curator for several collections, but also continued creating autonomous art. Soon he founded LAICK, the company and studio from which he now operates. After several exhibitions and larger art projects he is now working on Hypnagogia II, the continuation of an art project centered around sleep.


BA Arts & Heritage
MA Art & Heritage: Art Policy, Management and Education.

Publicized Projects

2017     ‘Metamorfose’,
Commissioned Mural project for Maankwartier Heerlen NL.
2017      ‘Hypnagogia I & II’. 12-3-17/9-4-17
Exhibition of drawings and paintings at Kunstmoes gallery Heerlen NL.
2017      ‘StreetArt Manifest’. 6-7-17
Coördinated attempt with other local StreetArtists to gain more influence on Urban Policy, Heerlen NL.
2016      ‘Hypnagogia I’ . 15-10-16/30-10-16
Exhibition of Installation for MUAS: Maastricht Undiscovered Art Spaces, installation of paintings, Maastricht NL.
2016      ‘Hypnagogia I’ . 15-10-16/30-10-16
Window Mural as part of Installation for MUAS and The Big Draw: Maastricht, Maastricht NL.
2016      ‘Untitled Exhibition’. 14-8-16
Kiwanis Kunstroute, pop-up Exhibition curated by Lene ter Haar with Dave de Leeuw & Toon Hezemans, Heerlen NL.
2016      Public StreetArt Project. 23-5-2016
Public StreetArt Project for Municipality with Basisschool Eikenerveld,  Looierstraat Heerlen NL.
2015     ’24DRAW’. 19-12-15
Self-initiated drawing project to support charity (SeriousRequest) with: Dave de Leeuw, Toon Hezemans, Berend Vonck, Amber Delahaye, Gina Derks, Guus Prevoo, Manon Dam, Senne Titihalawa, Jack Reubsaet and others.
2015     ‘Mediaan’,
Mural on location for Mediaan consultants.
2014     ‘Welterlaan‘,
Municipal project with mural with Roman Theme.
2014     ‘Murals’ (Heerlen),
Support of Inti, international street-artist in residence.
2014     ‘Wünderkammer’,
Solo pop-up exhibition at KlompVIER gallery. Heerlen, NL
2013     Murals,
Exhibition of works at Pop-up Gallery, curated by Raenys Martis (Heerlen). NL
2013     Art 2.0: Rise of Digital Art.
Event and lecture on Digital Art and the impact on the Creative Process for Studium Generale, University of Maastricht, NL.
2012     ‘If the Kids are United’.
Group Exhibition at TETEM Art Gallery Enschede, NL, curated by Theo Ploeg.
2013      ‘Urizen‘.
Multidisciplinary Art Project (improvised music and video performance); Cultuurhuis Heerlen, Schunck & Nightscapes.
2012      Limburgs Museum, Assistant-Curator & Research.
Research into the history and origin of the donated ‘Nijsten’ Collection. Published paper on art in the Province of Limburg and the specific relevance of this collection.
2011      SCHUNCK
Assistant-Curator of Collections, projects: making inventory (Groot-Wijnands Collection) & Research into City Collection’s origin by Pieter Defesche.
2010     Collectors House
Collection Assistant to Private Collector.
2009    Atrium MC
Writing and Researching Art Policy of the Corporate Collection of Medical Centre. Advisor to Art-board and Research and writing on the Corporate Collection and its origin and selection process.